2020… the virtual triathlon

With our races cancelled, deferred or morphed into virtual events, we learned to re-think and adjust how and why we train. And, how we race! There were many opportunities to participate in virtual events. One such event was presented by Triathlon Nova Scotia! Thanks TNS for this fun event!

On January 1, 2020, over 60 Nova Scotia triathletes challenged themselves to swim, bike, and run the distance from Halifax to Victoria by the end of the year – a total of 6,164 km. 33 people successfully completed the journey by December 31. More importantly, this fun challenge kept us all motivated and engaged during what turned out to be a difficult year for all endurance athletes. Starting in Halifax and heading west, we set a goal destination to reach each month and the participants posted their total monthly distance at the end of each month so we could track everyone’s progress. We arrived! Great work everyone!

Interested in learning more about what Triathlon Nova Scotia is offering up for 2021? Check out the Triathlon Nova Scotia Facebook page here.